2/13/2017: Riddles in the dark

I haven’t been talking much about the mead, mainly because I hadn’t started anything new in the last couple months. I’ve got 8 batches just bubbling away waiting for me to free up a gallon jar to rack into their respective next stages.

But it’s time to crank up the production engine, as I mentioned a few days/week ago. The biggest problem I’m having (and it’s a lovely problem to have) is that there are so many varieties I want to try that I’m falling all over myself trying to prioritize them.

A couple ideas:

  1. Bochet: Burnt honey mead. Essentially you just cook the honey half to death first before fermentation. It sounds fascinating and I have no IDEA what the result would taste like.
  2. Lemon Melomel: It’s funny. I’ve made hard lemonade a couple/few times; badly, but drinkably (shut up, it is too a word.) I’m not sure I ever thought of making a lemon mead before. Seems like it would be a natural fit (and i’m gonna guess it would take ginger, mint, or strawberry flavoring really well on top of it.)

I know I’ve got more kicking around in my head. I’ll make more of some of the “easy win” meads as well. But I’ve got to get another round of experiments under my belt first. Summer’s closer than it seems and having a dozen gallons of hard lemonade/lemon mead would be awfully nice.