2/1/2017: Ad Nauseum

A funny thing is starting to happen, that I noticed in a soft way a couple days ago, but was finally brought into stark focus with that last post (which I hit ‘publish’ on about 3 minutes ago.)

I’m getting pretty windy.

A month ago it was a real struggle to get a few hundred words of blathering blurt out of me on anything. But now I’m finding that as soon as I open this little text box, even intending to just put down 300-500 words (which is my nominal low-end for a post.)

Even though I’m doing the weekend catch up game for the most part, I’m getting a fair bit better at removing the barrier between brain and keys.

AS such, I don’t mind that this one is teeny at all.

It’s nice to see progress, even if it is along so dubious a dimension as word count.