1/7/2017: Didn’t I just do this? Plus! Pickled…pork?

Keeping up the momentum with this is going to be tough. Shit, it’s already tough. I’m a running day behind.

I have a real hard time on weekends (and…the rest of the days) not coming home (or waking up) and plopping my considerable duff in front of the computer and whiling away hours in distressing time blocks. The gratification is just so much more immediate, empty calories notwithstanding.

Earlier this week I came across a recipe in /r/charcuterie for “Pickled Garlic Pork.” Now…I really don’t consider myself that adventurous but I figured that I just couldn’t get my mind to what this would taste like, and the ingredients and procedure are simple enough, so why the hell not.

Bunch of pork, sliced into half inch thick by inch squares or so, a head of elephant garlic, a bunch of thyme, vinegar, salt, jalapenos and a couple cloves.

The recipe is a couple clicks through the link (captions on the imgur gallery) so I won’t bore you with it here. But it was easy enough to put together. I’ve got a couple canning jars (quart sized) full of this stuff now. So in a week or two I’ll crack in to it and fry some up along with my eggs, see what happens. Should be fun.

I do seem to occupy myself on Saturdays with cooking though. Yesterday was another sous vide steak night. My God do I love this thing. Only trouble I have with it is that the temperatures and times I see people talking about online almost always result in a more well-done steak than I’m looking for. Never to excess. They’re still on the lighter side of medium. But it’s so damn easy. I’m going to keep eating steak and dialing the process in until I get it right.

THIS time I did have the presence of mind to soak a t-shirt and wrap it around the fire alarm. No need to repeat last week’s incident (to say nothing of the 45 minute “water boiling alarm” fiasco from a couple/few weeks ago.)

I’m wondering how tough it would be to get myself to follow a schedule as far as posts and reading goes. I’m half-assedly committing to 52 books this year and, if I don’t sit down and start cranking I’ll be behind.

We’ll see. I wonder if I should make the book list up front….nah, I’d never follow that.

Maybe I’ll add to these whatever I’m reading. The first bagged book of the year is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which I finished a couple days ago.

Meh. 9:40. Time to go read and try and forget about having to go to work tomorrow. At least I’ll have the audiobook commute.