1/25/2017: Too many damn projects

I think I’m finally getting to the breaking point with the number of ongoing pursuits and projects I’m trying to juggle at once (he says, suddenly remembering that he actually planned on adding juggling.)

Between the mead (et al), the programming projects both for work and myself, trading, writing, cooking, reading, baking, leatherwork (more on that later) and well, call it what it is, gaming, I’ve gotten myself to the point where I’ll literally stand in the little junction between my bedroom, livingroom, bathroom, and kitchen and say “uhm” for five minutes when I get a block of time to myself.

In my 47 and change years I’ve gotten very good at pulling my own puppet strings (even better than I am at pulling other peoples’, which I’ll…NOT address later.)

So the game I play with myself goes something like this: “I’m really shitty at using time intentionally. I let hours just fly by and snap to attention every once in a while, amazed at what the clock says. I’m not REALLY involved in TOO much. I just need to manage my life better, then I’ll be able to fit everything I want to do in to a single .”

The problem with that is that it’s got the virtue of being ALmost true. It’s got that “just out of reach” feel that makes it indistinguishable from complete and utter nonsense.

So, off again to reread Mark Forster’s Autofocus stuff which I think, of all approaches to project/time management holds the best chance of continued commitment for my particular combination of tweaks.