1/18/2017: (not) Live blogging

Well, see what I’d planned on doing was live-blogging the process of working through the GameMaker initial “my first game” tutorial, since the software itself was giving me such a hilarious amount of trouble. But trying to do one and write about it at the same time was just having the net effect of trying to mesh mismatched gears. I just ended up staring at the screen for a half hour.

It could just be that the tutorial itself is wonky. But that starts sounding suspiciously like “I don’t get it, therefore it’s stupid.” There are some weird inconsistencies. The file open dialog in one section of the IDE is custom-built. In another section it’s using the windows standard file open control.

Add to that the joy that it downloads the tutorial/sample stuff to the AppData/local directory, which is invisible from the custom file dialog, so I can’t navigate to it to grab the sprites and other game collateral.

That may very well be the extent of the weirdness, and it may all work out just fine once I get that stuff set up (i.e. once I move the downloaded stuff someplace sensible.)

But for a tool people rave about so damn glowingly, this is sure a metric fuckton of headache.

Lord knows there are other toolkits and such out there. But I’ll take a couple demos/tutorials to completion first before I close in on a final assessment.

I do want to finally get going on writing my first game though. I mean, I’ve been programming for nigh on 40 years and have never made one.