1/16/2017: Style, or the lack thereof

Blasting out that many catch-up posts in a day got my head in to what there is of my writing style….

and how disjointed and utterly directionless it is. Currently I’m just “stream of conscious”ing all this out there, which is fine. I mean, I’m not writing the great American novel here. but it took this couple/few weeks to be able to see the patterns start emerging again of what happens when I put words to paper with some regularity. It’s the kind of thing you (read: I) forget every time.

The stages are interesting and the re-emerge with the sine wave every time:

1. Getting words out there: This is when I’m just typing, much like this post (as I don’t have a particular topic in mind.) It’s lazy in all but the most basic “type stuff” sense.

2. Re-reading what I write and flinching: Sometimes I just never leave this stage. It’s when I can finally be arsed to look back at my work and start making judgments about it. This is far more rare than it ought to be.

3. Compulsion to edit: And I do mean compulsion. Once I start tweaking things for structure, moving paragraphs around and reading for …well…not quite ‘meter’ per se. But ‘flow’, I suppose. The 9/11 post is a perfect example of that. I reread it every once in a while and am more or less happy with most of it (though I did lose a bunch of edits, so the version that’s currently here is a bit back-leveled) I still want to gut it, add in a metric crapton of detail that never made it in, and generally add a pound of salt to a quart of soup. This, near as I can tell, never goes away.

4. Writing things I’m happy with: I…I’ve heard this happens to people. There are a couple little vignettes I can read and nod along with, seeing a tweakable moment here and there, but more inclined to leave well enough alone. I’ll have to see if I can dig some up and post them here. I’m pretty sure I’ve got something horribly close to everything I’ve ever written (no really, it’s a bit gross.) But having it and actually wading through it all are two entirely different prospects.

So I suppose the next thing for me to do is to start drafting out topic ideas, filling them in, and building them up while I’m posting along merrily. I’m not sure how it’s going to work. But, meh. Only one way to find out I suppose.


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