1/15/2017: Zero based thinking and mead

Over Christmas I traveled from Nashville to my father’s place in Pennsylvania where I’d put a metric crapton of mead a couple years ago. I was thrilled with the list of weird permutations I’d had down there. some Lemon Basil, blueberry, jalapeno, all kinds of stuff. But the lion’s share by volume was a few gallon batch of JAOM I’d put down back in mid 2014. It’s the longest I’ve been able to keep a mead without drinking it all.

So I just bottled a case of the JAOM out of 1 gallon jars and took the opportunity to try some. It’s… eh. I’m thoroughly nonplussed. Sure, it’s nice and mellow with none of that characteristic “too young” heat. The flavors are a bit too subtle and it doesn’t suffer from my usual sin of being too sweet.

I suppose I don’t really know what I was expecting. But it was definitely something a bit more interesting. I should probably be an awful lot happier with the result.

But I know what’s going to happen. I’ll bring a bottle to some…thing and people will gush overmuch about it. It’ll be a mix of genuine appreciation, amazement that it was something someone they know made (that counts for a lot of praise of otherwise mediocre results) and some generic politeness.

I’ll give a bottle to the guys at the pizza place, bring a bottle in to the office, and a couple more to other people I can think of. But generally I’m going to try and get rid of it.

Under my desk right now there’s another 5 gallon carboy of the exact same recipe, ready to be racked into bulk-aging bottles. I’ve half a mind to just dump it. Dafuq am I gonna do with a little over two more cases of it?

It reminds a lot of this…

I’m a Brian Tracy fan. His speaking manner is jarring, with his placid tonality and peculiar mid-sentence interruptions. But this is a good little bit about Zero Based Thinking. It’s a subtle reframing of the Sunk Cost Fallacy, and this is what I come up against when I think about this stuff. Endure the first two minutes of this in order to hear the rest of it. It’s a bit business focused. But that does not dilute its relevance to day to day life one bit.

The realization of this principle (or, more properly stated, the enlightenment TO it) figured tremendously in my ripping my life out by the roots and walking, for which I am eternally thankful.

But…I look around my apartment and see no less than 12 gallons of mead alone brewing away. There are also 3 cases bottled in my truck, probably 3 cases bottled around the apartment and a couple dozen other little bottles with various botanicals floating around in them. I think about the chemicals, the bottles, the hoses and corks and…I just…don’t care. If I could blink and have it all disappear…I probably would. Thing is, while I can’t literally do that, I can come pretty damn close.

I like my experiments. But I got so completely obsessive about it that now it’s all just sorta taken over. I’m torn between letting the stuff in process continue and just…dumping everything that’s not already bottled, throwing cases of glassware in the dumpster at the office.