1/14/2017: Yeah, fuck it. Let’s go for 7 in one day

I’m a BIG fan of woot.com, especially since they’re now owned by Amazon, a company second only to CocaCola in the level of brand loyalty evoked from me. (that reads like Yoda edited it.)

I made the mistake of not blocking woot.com in my hosts file last week at the office, the way I’ve finally had to with Amazon, imgur, reddit, and twitter. (Sadly, I actually use reddit for work. Rampant leftist horseshit aside, the technology subs are spectacular.)

So Wednesday…ish (maybe Tuesday, definitely “totally fucking irrelevant” day) they had a little micro-desktop. It’s got an i5, 4gig of ram, a metric fuckton of usb3 ports, a 128g ssd, and win10, for $379. Now, I’ve got a computer gaming problem. I can go a month or two without it, but I get the addiction pendulum swing and end up binging for weeks at a time. Just like a fucking bender, complete with the hangover and remorse. I’ve had it in my head that keeping a separate box to write prose and code on would be a really good idea. I could keep a low powered machine with no video capabilities to speak of (and no slot for a card) and without much space, and I could just use it to noodle around, then only go to the behemoth when I REALLY needed to (for weak ASS values of the word “need”.)

ALSO, I have a small apartment. Not NYC small. But one bedroom, a livingroom, a walk in closet, and a “kitchenette” (along with a big closet that’s the “laundry room”, thank the maker.) So for the last 13 months, my computer has been set up in the walk in closet, which became my “office.”

I ran the justifications through my head and paused over the “I want one!” button. I took a few minutes to cross-check the pricing of that particular model and realized it really was a great deal. Sooo…I hit the button.

Caught up in the shopping frenzy I ordered a new 10″ kindle and…stuff. (This must’ve been what precipitated me blocking Amazon, come to think of it.)

Most of my haul arrived Saturday. I’d been backing things up to my NAS and to my other servers for days in anticipation of the big day.

So I pulled my 30″ monitor out of the closet and put it on the table/desk I’ve got in the livingroom. (I can see out the window now. The lights of west Nashville are really quite nice at night. It’s almost enough to make me feel like I live in a city :-/)

I got the good keyboard with the Cherry Blues, and I started plugging everything in.

Hrm…HDMI cable doesn’t seem to want to fi….oh…no. NO. NO nononononono. FUCKING DISPLAYPORT. My lovely little acquisition didn’t have hdmi ports, it’s got a pair of displayports. Fortunately my spiffy monitor takes displayport native. But…and there was no way around it, that meant I was going to have to drive 20 minutes away (remember when I said “almost like a city?”) to get to a Staples (because after the Geek Squad as FBI informants kerfuffle, Best Buy can go FUCK themselves for ever and always.)

I hung my head in frustration and shook it a couple times, muttering a stream of ancient eldritch curses that almost caused tentacles to start writhing out of the sink, put on my shoes and headed off. An uneventful trip to get a couple rollerbites and a cable (aaannnd maybe a cheap pair of PC beepers) later, and home I came. (I became aDDICTED to those things you see them cooking in truck stop hotdog machines. The buffalo chicken ones are incredible. Damn things look like they’re just extruded, which, if I think about it at all, they probably are. I get a couple of those whenever I’m down there.)

Connecting the thing was uneventful (but the speakers don’t work, for some reason.) And after fighting with windows’ account creation stuff (I want my \users\ directory to be named something VERY specific, just for what little remains of my sanity.)

So I’m using it now. The game machine isn’t dismantled, per se, but it’s got the old 23″ monitor sitting near it (disconnected) and I haven’t re-plugged in anything since I yoinked the good peripherals out.

Which means I’m typing on this new little toy. And I’ve gotta tell ya, this thing goes like a streak of shit. I don’t have any cruft and crap running on this. No steam, origin stuff. No games of any kind. That, by the way, is my absolute rule. The only loophole is if I code up a game myself. Scrivener and Scapple are on here. It’s just slick. I’m pretty amazed at how fast the SSD is.

I was about to start pulling my source code repository over when I stopped. That directory, the venerable “~/srctree” is almost 30 years old, and has almost every line of code I’ve written for myself over those years. I’ve got a bunch of backups of it all. But what if I just left it, and started from scratch? A clean pseudo break seems like a really good idea. So I did that.

I certainly won’t do the same thing with writing, because there are a couple/few existing projects to continue work on, that I’m not about to start over.

With any luck, in a couple months I’ll walk in to the closet and say “Oh right, this.”