It’s kinda startling how little I did on Sunday. I owe it largely to the fact that, while driving straight from upstate NY (Kingston) home to Nashville in a single shot (wasn’t the plan, but I was listening to Stephen Fry read the 3rd Harry Potter book, so I just went with it) I developed what was at the time (a bit south of Roanoke) a minor head cold.

I pulled in at almost 4am local time, showered (because…damn) and fell over like a brick. I still somehow managed to wake up at about 9, feeling like Arnold in Total Recall with the golf ball up his nose. It was a completely miserable day, except for some completely screwed up things, which I may or may not get to by the end of this “hurry up and backfill yesterday’s post” post. But my head was just throbbing all day, so I ended up going to bed at about 8:30 (on New Year’s Eve. I’m officially old) and waking up 12 hours later. Still though with the runny nose and nonsense. All I managed to do was dwell on how all I was managing to do was dwell on nothingness, play quasi-ambient “clicker” games, and fiddlyfuck around on twitter.

It really was positively impressive how little I accomplished. Even now, I’ve no idea what I actually consumed. Though I figure it has to be more than nothing because I haven’t been famished. But that may be more about, well…