10/17/17: Backsliding and horseshit

Not sure I’m terribly inclined to share what’s been going on. After all, even I have limits of what I’ll share. It’s one thing if it’s about me.

Sure feels good to type though.

Been keeping up with the 52 books a year stuff and I’ve been adding entries to the original post as I finish books. I think I’m up to 45 or so at the moment. Unfortunately it’s a pain in the ass to find the post so….I’m gonna leave that as an exercise for the reader.

I’ve finally broken away from gaming for a snap. It was getting really bad. Though it occurs to me now that I haven’t done one of those monthly self-discipline things in a little bit. I think maybe the “no wheat” month was the last one. Could be that I was using that as my primary motivation to stay on the wagon as far as basic mindfulness went and now that I’ve untethered myself from that I’m drifting more than I thought I would. Of course that would make this interesting data. So I’ll go with that.

On the plus side I’ve got a couple trading accounts set up and I’ve been muddling through books on metatrader specifically and forex trading in general. Looks like a spectacular platform, even if my broker is tied to MT4 instead of MT5. Meh. I don’t see it being much of a problem. If I keep this up I’m going to spring for faster internet. But we’ll see if I end up with significant slippage. It’s going to be nice to put my money where my mouth is.