Gratitude and Next Steps

Things are becoming more clear. Now that I’ve been focused on things a little I can feel the results of my subconscious working away at the problems I presented to it. It’s an interesting phenomenon but I’m not sure how I’d get to the bottom of it, assuming that’s even reasonable. To set yourself to working on a problem while you’re not thinking about it sounds like it would be the key to the universe if you could do it reliably.

Let’s take the last 24 hours as a pretty reasonable example:

So I was inspired to come in yesterday and do some writing and it went pretty well. Since I didn’t have bible study (it being a Wednesday) I ended up working here until about 4:30 before heading over to Johnathan’s.

I made a ‘joke’ on twitter about ‘having my table ready’ and when I got there, there a few of the girls were sitting there with my seat open.

Kyle came out a few minutes later and said “Yo I saw your tweet and was actually about to respond but then you showed up in the parking lot.” #FeelsGoodMan.

I ended up hanging out the rest of the night (call it 5-11.) It was an absolutely great night. I met a bunch of cool people and we all had a lot of laughs and some conversation in depth, which never breaks my heart to be sure.

I wonder every once in a while if I don’t just get into these little states of nerdly reverie because that kind of social interaction is really pretty new to me, all things considered. Someone always seems to mention the way I just seem to draw in a crowd and always have a group of people that I likely didn’t know twenty minutes earlier at my table.

But last night there were a couple moments, that didn’t come from me, where someone said “We need to do this, like every month. Just all meet here. I haven’t had this much fun in a while. You. What’s your number? Seriously. You’re awesome.” I swear I about fucking cried. A bunch of conversation about schedules ensued. Who was around when. What days were good for everyone, etc.

Now, will I ever hear from them again? Who’s to fucking say. It matters almost not at all. We were all in this great space. A couple I know drifted in and joined the other six or so of us (though that went from four to eight and back a couple times) and it was just fucking solid. People poked fun at each other, laughed like hell. It was just great.

I don’t know what else really to say about it all. I was a little in my cups, but not as badly as it might have seemed.

It’s just humbling, every time, when people come hang out. Well okay, not EVERY time. There are a couple people I wish would stay the hell away. But there are so few of those people that they’re almost not worth mentioning.

It’s time to find more Interesting People, and they’re fucking everywhere. The PROBLEM is that I’m not.

So it’s time to do a couple things:

  • Pick up some kind of “side-hustle” so I can make some extra cash on the side to fund…

I actually had an idea about that while working on some software today: I’m tired of all these weirdly convoluted framework-based programming classes/courses. A buddy of mine is going through hell in a Programming Boot Camp and it’s driving me fucking bananas by proxy. I half-jokingly (again with that) said “I’m just going to create a series of courses or videos and call them ‘you don’t need all that fucking garbage’.” And…it struck me that it’s a really great idea. There’s no reason at all I couldn’t do that and, moreover there’s no reason I SHOULDN’T do that. Yeah yeah programming courses and youtube videos are a dime a dozen. But hell, they’re worth about that as well.

It’d be a great way to build a following, a project portfolio, and get myself out there a bit more. I miss solving people’s problems with technology so very much. My own projects are great. But it’s not the same as saving a company millions of dollars or a functionary dozens of hours a week by understanding their problems and solving them through some kind of automation.

Teaching other people to do so might be a really heady meta-project. Lord knows I’d learn a shit ton doing it.

It’s worth exploring.

  • Going out more. A lot more. I need to be out around people several nights a week and I can’t be super self-conscious about cash when I do. Not that I necessarily SHOULD be self-conscious about it. But I am and I need to solve that problem in the easiest way I know how: Make more money.

“In a perfect world” I’d have a tiny apartment in downtown Nashville, maybe a little studio I could retreat to for a few days a week so I could go out down there and not worry about getting back and forth. Maybe that’s excessive. But it sure hits my head right. A little studio or something with a bed, a desk, a fridge, and not a whole hell of a lot else. I’d probably be able to get a bunch of work done too.

It feels like I’m coming to all of this about 20 years later than I should have. But that’s no one’s fault but mine.

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.

The second best time is today.