More updatesauce

Well, it’s pushing 23:00, so I’m not doing a whole lot more coding or writing today.

Using Thunderbird’s feed reader has absolutely no applicability to what I’m trying to accomplish.  What I need is to use rss as something close to a message queuing format, so I’m probably going to write my own over the next few days (with the help of some canned code, no doubt.)

Work’s been driving me up a wall, but it’s fine.  Normal technology and people stress so I’ve been coming home and just shutting my brain off.  Nothing to be terribly proud of. but the last thing I’ve wanted to do at night has been more coding.

More posts from the vault coming in the next couple days and I’m working on a new one or two little vignettes from the wild.




God I hate this fucking font. Problem is, I have all the graphic design skills of…some…thing that doesn’t have any graphic design skills. It’s on my list though. Maybe I’ll just end up using this as a platform to experiment with CSS, etc. and make a godawful mess of the thing in the process.

Yeah. That actually sounds like fun.

Stay tuned, it’s about to get messy.