9/11: The Index

Last Edit: 9/16/2020

Okay, so here it is.  This is the index of the final 9/11 posts.  The original account as I published it in 2003, a couple “epilogue/prologue” posts I made a year or two after the fact, so named because I thought of them as at least as much of a beginning of a new life as they were an epilogue to the original 9/11 account.  Finally I’ve added the final edit of the original account.  A lot of people flinched somewhat badly at the notion that I needed to edit the original. So I’ve included both versions.

I found, when editing it, that the abject pathos I ended it with was unbearable. While it DID reflect my state of mind about the whole thing, it doesn’t any more. So it was a struggle to know what to change and what to leave. So while the “Final” version is subject to more edits, I won’t change the original.

I find it strange, somehow, that these get the traction that they do. But they do and I am, however slowly, coming to terms with all of that.  It reminds me of the original blog back in the day, how it was the day-to-day posts that people were the most interested in, rather than the things that were specific pieces of writing that were arguably “written for others” rather than being an “inside of history” look at my life. 

AS time goes forward I may add to this list of links. Re-editing and writing these posts over the last few days has really brought some things forward in my mind and I’m gonna have some…thoughts.

So here.  I’ll cut the fucking foreplay here and just post the links. 

The original account, edited

Cigargoyle’s live stream of the original account, broadcast 9/9/20

Epilogue/Prologue #1

Epilogue/Prologue #2

Epilogue/Prologue #3

Notes on the editing process and thoughts from September 2020

This is the original unedited account. People keep seeming to hit it but it seems to me to be rough around the edges. I’ve included it here because it’s the one people generally know: The original account