2017. Brace yourself

Not because I’m going to rock teh werld or anything. I’m not running around the apartment doing a victory lap about how “This, no THIS is my year. Forget that I’ve said that every year for the past…damn near 20.”

No no. I mean brace yourself because I’ve got a plain old vanilla New Year’s Resolutions (zomgz, so dorbz.)

The only one that concerns YOU fucks is “One post for every day.”


That does NOT mean “One post ON every day” primarily because it’s January 2 and I just decided this shit, so I would literally have failed before I started. But hey, maybe that’s a great baseline.

The “brace yourself” part is because I haven’t been writing SQUAT. I mean yeah, I’ve been wrecking imgur and reddit comment threads. And I twote the shit out of some tweets. But generally, nary a word to paper, virtual or otherwise.

So in an attempt to get my wordlegs back (shut up) I’ve decided to inflict this shit on you unfortunate souls. And while I do, I’m going to be doing shit like starting sentences with the word ‘and’.

Plus I’ve got this cool new(ish) keyboard with Cherry Blue switches that are the clackiest fucking things this side of that side and I really love the finger feel of typing on this shit.

So strap in, fuckos.

One thought on “2017. Brace yourself”

  1. I ought to give this one a whirl. I’ve been incredibly neglectful of my place, thinking I had nothing to say. Maybe that “nothing” is just what I ought to share. Or maybe it will terminally bore to tears what few loyal readers I still have.
    Wake up, I’m talking heah.
    PS…. “strap in, fuckos” is my new go-to.

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