Day 1: So far so good

I was getting a little crazy with amazon purchases back in May and June. Plus, I bought my livingroom set, drank a lot, smoked a bunch of good cigars and, well, created friction burns on my wallet.

So I decided “meh, what the hell.” and made July a “No Spend July” wherein I’d spend money on nothing that wasn’t critical. Gas, food, basic bills.

It went pretty smoothly, so last night as I drifted off (admittedly fantasizing about my amazon order) I figured “Ya know…I could probably stand to do a month off of caffeine.” Especially since I was popping a pair of nodoz a day and drinking diet mountain dew by the literal case aaannnd it wasn’t doing me much good.

So, sure, I figured. Why the hell not.

Aside from some horrible 2:30 naptime blues and a bit of dazed wanderings in Lowes at lunchtime, I’m actually pretty okay. No apocalyptic caffeine headache or anything.

I expect, though, that today was almost certainly a mulligan.