It was a good *hic* day.

They signed a goofy card for me in the office before we had birthday bundt cakes (so everyone could get their preferred flavor.)

I had to deal with all my favorite kinds of “dilbert is an understatement” madness for most of the day. (Seriously. Some day I’ll tell you.)

Had real NY style pizza from NY Pie in Hendersonville (which is actually a solid New York style pizza, thank God in heaven and whatsisname who’s a Queens expat.)

Came home and unwrapped some really great cigars from my Dad and some silver from Mom.  Got to talk to my Dad for the better part of an hour and my sister for the same, and just straight up soak in family madness.

But after that I really needed a little something (cough *hic*) so I wandered across the street to Blend, where Hunter (and some cute little new girl, wow.)

I mentioned that I was coming in for a Birthday cigar and Hunter snapped to attention, more expediently than usual (which is rather saying something) with a “I’ve got just the thing.  Medium or strong?”  I just pointed up.

“On me” he said.

He came out with a nice looking cigar with an otherwise nondescript purple band.

I heard the cluster of guys at the other end of the bar talking something about 9/11.

“I blended this myself when I was at the Drew Estate factory.”  I was a little nervous about it.

“No shit?  Excellent.” He cut and lit it for me and I took a puff.  So far so good.

“Yeah. I was in the building.”  Screw it. Let’s go for big air.  Stopped them dead. Always does. “Yeah. North Tower. 51st floor.”

“You have something drink with this that’s not cask strength?”

“Awh, you know I like the cask strength stuff.”  Hunter said.

“Yeah, man. But you know I can’t drink that.”

“But the flights now. I have to pick where I sit. Next to the window? away from the door? Can I kick his ass?” Said the 350 pound guy in the suit that was supposed to look expensive.

I chuckled.

“I’d kick your ass.” It was adorable.

“Well then, man, you really must know something I don’t. Because from where I’m sitting that’s remarkably unlikely.” Something about veins full of nougat came to mind. But I just turned around.

“I could.”  Just let him go. He’d already over-extended himself.  Besides, I could hear him breathing from 10 feet away.

Hunter showed me a bottle I probably should’ve recognized which I shrugged and nodded to.  He took it away to pour, and set it down.

“I’ll get his drink” one of the other guys had appeared as I’d turned around to puff on my cigar. The new girl nodded her assent.

“Hey thanks man.”  I don’t get bought drinks a lot. I’ll get the occasional buy back. But this was clearly a trade for the 9/11 story.  Sigh. Fair enough.

So I went in to some of the fun parts of it.  (surprisingly, they exist.) I’ve posted the 9/11 stuff before and I’ll get to it here in a few months.  No reason to rehash it here.

Apparently this guy and his buddy were in town for a VC conference of some kind and fat boy had made a pitch that he was following up on.

We ended up talking on and off for a couple hours.  Fat boy left and his buddy came over and the three of us closed the place down on a bunch of topics that frankly all blur together right about now.

Hunter’s cigar was actually really nice.  he sent me home with another blend of his, from the Joya De Nicaragua factory, which I’ll put to flame in the next few days.

But between him buying my cigar and having my first bourbon bought for me.  I came out of there cheaper than I ever have, by about a factor of 4.

So yeah.  Hippo Birdie to me 🙂

I’ll take it.

So this is frustrating

As a programmer, I spend most of my life using a piece of software called emacs.  It’s the best thing. (This MAY be a cue to civilians to stop reading, unless you want to endure an episode of narcolepsy.)

Emacs is nominally a “programmers editor”, but it does everything.  As such, I keep my notes, daily jottings and such down in it.  And I’ve BEEN keeping my “at my desk” scribblings in there for more than 20 years.  So, as you might imagine have a lot of these files kicking around.

For the most part, they’re in an outline format (horribly abusing org-mode) that looks like this:

* 2016-06-04 15:49 - This is a topic.
This is some stuff about the topic
** this is a sub topic
This is some stuff about a sub topic.
** this is yet another sub topic
*** Getting a little crazy with the sub-sub topics
But, as it turns out, I have these things with up to 5 or 6 sub topics. So three isn't really all that outlandish.
* 2016-06-03 12:01 - Yesterday's topic
Yeah. See here's the problem.

I am (as you might also imagine) trying to put all of these files in a simple database of nodes. Now, it’s easy enough to rip through a file and detect a new outline node, it’s outline depth, title, content, etc. Then put those in the database and run a simple post process to flesh out the parent/child relationships (if I’m even going to bother. I may just not care. I ain’t fer sure yet, not ’til I write the front-end application that manages this stuff, which is some ways away.)

ANYway. So I take a file and I split it in to pieces and number the nodes sequentially, top to bottom, inserting them in the database.


A week goes by and I want to refresh the database from the actual files again. Problem is, new nodes are added at the top, not the bottom. But I’ve numbered everything sequentially, so it becomes an interesting proposition. If yesterday’s top node is node 1, what is today’s top node?

I suppose I could conceivably just wipe the database representation of the file and start again, reimporting the whole thing over the top of where the old one was.

There’s something to that, I suppose. I mean, it’s disgusting, but it would work…mostly.

Yeah I suppose I’m going to have to do that. I don’t see another way to do it without creating some really peculiar sequencing issues. I DO have the issue where I will sometimes delete nodes from my outline. But That’s generally handled by the fact that I keep daily backups of these files, and the dated backups will be imported as well, and will therefore not be subject to such flux. (Yes, I know this leads to a lot of data duplication. But the upside is that I simply won’t have to worry, unless I add and delete archivally interesting information intra-day, which even I can’t imagine doing to myself.

BUT, what THAT means is that I’m going to have to be very careful about identifying what makes a file unique.  It’s not just file name, since the file I used on my old computer had the same name as the file I use on this computer.  It can’t be size, since the current file changes. It can’t be a hash of the contents for the same reason.

I think I’m stuck with Machine Name + Drive name/letter + File Path + File Name.  That way, even if I have old archives, I’ll still be able to uniquely identify every file by its location.  Yeah. That’ll do it.

Off to the code!

Cool, thanks.

Good talk o7