“There we go. Got the NYC Bloggers link & graphic up there. I had some trouble with Radio figuring out which template to drop it in so it shows up there. These templates all really look the same to me.

I’d so much rather use Zope. But I’m a bit too fatigued to make the switch. Plus, where could I get that hosted?

This is just great. See, truth be told I’m one of them. I can travel all over, but somehow when I’m home I’m still a bit of a shutin.

Meetup: Meatspace camaraderie for Internet shut-ins. Meetup: a new service where you indicate your interests and your location, automatically locate other people local to you with similar interests, vote on a place to hang out and actually, you know, meet up. As an Internet shut-in with a permanent computer-tan, I’m a little leery of meeting up with actual raw biomass in meatspace, but I suppose that there’s some reason to hang out in real-life. Link Discuss (Thanks, Scott!) [bOing bOing]

Today is ALL about cleaning in anticipation of the first wave of Laura’s stuff, including the kitties!

Ok, maybe it’s not so much cleaning as deconstruction. The bedroom that had been relegated to “walk-in closet and full box repository” actually has a hardwood floor.

I didn’t know that.

I’m a search result!!!

HEY COOL!!! I just looked at my referer log and although it only had one entry, it looks like that was a legitimate hit! 🙂 ( 🙁 )

Someone did a search on “Michael Wilson pics” on yahoo and I came up first! Most likely this is one of 7 people with whom I went to Costa Rica.

Sorry people, the scanned pics total about 250 megs, can’t quite post that many. If you’re one of those 7 crazy people, don’t worry I’m burning CD-ROMs for everybody with all of them (even the boring ones) and will distribute them at the little get together we’re going to have someday.

I can’t believe I have to wait a WHOLE NOTHER HOUR for my news aggregator to download more articles. Maybe I’ll get dressed and shave.

It’s a bit tough to stay disciplined while out of work. No matter how many interesting projects you’ve got going.

Remote Lounge

Friday night I hit Remote Lounge on Bowery with “Social Circles”. This place ROCKS! Ok, maybe ‘rocks’ isn’t the right term. Kicks butt is better. Check the website for the general idea. 2 floors of booths and tables with cameras, monitors, buttons and phone receivers. You can control and watch through any of the 50 or so cameras. At any point you can hit a little button that looks like a camera and take a snapshot that will be posted their website. Unfortunately you can’t actually link to a picture directly without pulling it completely out of context. But, if you go

here and scroll all the way to the bottom, the next to last row, 2nd pic from the right (20:17, chan 23) you’ll find ME 🙂 (how’s THAT for narcissistic sparky?)

Now wouldn’t it be a shame if some enterprising geek wrote a perl script that went and downloaded all the pictures from a night at remote? But who would do such a thing? 😉

Club: 10/10 Great place

Website: 8/10 can’t link to pictures easily 🙁

Overall: 10/10 This place kicks ass

So I went to my friend Colette’s “Thank god I’m out of Jersey and back in Brooklyn” party Saturday night. It comes to mind Monday morning because I’m stuffing my face with Oatmeal Cookies I made that were left over. My cheese bread was a huge success as well.

As you can see I specialize in baking very healthy food :p.

Maybe one more cookie before I start my day…

[I know the image link is dead. I’m just tickled by the fact that it’s an earthlink.net homepage link. Hell, maybe I even have backups of that around someplace. It’d be funny to backfill it all.]

I haven’t wasted so much time in one day since… well nevermind. In a long time. One of my guilty little pleasures is the odd computer RPG here and there. But I’m pretty good at allowing myself to play ONLY ON WEEKENDS.

Today was a bit rough though. Woke up at about 9:30 and was profoundly unmotivated to do anything but play until about 1:00 this morning. not good. That’s ok though, it’s over for a while. I have WAY too much to do to be bored enough to play. :p

[I wonder what game I was playing.]

Webs need nodes

I’ve been thinking about This entry which has been linked through:

Does anyone else think it’s strange that I’ve got to go through 4 blogs to get to the original article, which I eventually found out is at The Washington Post (Ok, shoot me I’m a little link-happy today.)

“seriously though” The massive interconnection of the blogosphere is a wonderful thing (especially considering I wouldn’t have found the article without it.) But I’m beginning to think that we’re a little more wrapped up in the funkiness of the medium itself, causing the impulse to create content (or post opinion which may or may not be “content” in the ‘= value added’ sense) to suffer greatly.

So Dave Watson linked through BeBlogged, then I linked through Dave (merging two articles by reference), then TSL linked through me, now I linked back through TSL. There’s a whole lot more linking than content here.

This is one of the things I really love about The Shifted Librarian. Jenny adds content when she cross-posts (could someone give me the blogword for that?) Sometimes it’s “only” opinion, but it’s always a value-add. Most people, it seems (myself included, but Dave Winer is another prominent example) are just in love with the “post” link in the news aggregator.

Color me A.D.D, but when I see a post that says “check out THIS” or something similar I’m overwhelmingly inclined not to. Sometimes I’ll float the cursor over the link in an attempt to see where the link will take me, but most of the time I’m just irritated that I have another checkbox to click in the news page.

If I’m way off about this let me know. And if you link to this, at least give it a clever title so people have some idea why 😉

Costa Rica state of mind

I’m still having remarkable problems forcing myself to care about all (any) of my tech projects since I’m back from Costa Rica. It just all seems like such a silly waste of time.

However, I know that in a day or two fresh papaya and mango withdrawl will get me back into the swing of things.

On the lighter side; I’ve just finished scanning all my 4 rolls of negatives from the trip. Problem is the pics are about 4meg a pop. Seems like I’m going to have to do some work. I’d love a nice simple perl script that I could use to put in the new dimensions and send it against the pics to squash them down to size, but I fear I’ll almost certainly have to use Paintshop Pro on every individual pic. Oye.”